Incandescent 2 – Update 1

Incandescent 2.vshost_2015_10_19_19_59_37_346

Incandescent 2 – Update 1

The progress on Incandescent 2 is going well. Even though it does feel at the moment like re-inventing the wheel in terms of coming from Incandescent 1 to this. Making a new engine wasn’t going to be easy but so far it already has some nicer features and from a code stand point, much easier to work with. The goal at the end of this is to also have an engine I can use to make another game instead of a pile of code mashed together into a game.

The past couple weeks have mainly been behind the scenes work so not much screenshotable stuff to show but in the coming weeks I am hoping to have some more flashy stuff to show off.

I did get a simple console system working for my development needs:

Incandescent 2.vshost_2015_11_04_14_29_32_101

Game stat tracking is also working and it also saves it to a total stats file. I want to go crazy with stats!

Incandescent 2.vshost_2015_10_20_00_37_19_525

I’ve learnt that I need to make sure that enemies don’t have the same fire rate as the player:

And finally a quick look at the ship select screen and starting gameplay:


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