Player One Engine – The Progress So Far


Player One Engine – The Progress So Far

So there has been 2 months work on The Player One Engine so far and it’s going well. The development of the engine is happening at the same time as Incandescent 2 so features are being prioritised for it. This engine is an investment for me though as it will be used in future games as well.

Time for some moving images!

0.0.13 – The engine had very humble beginnings as at first menu, bloom and resolution control were implemented:

0.0.29 – Then came simple collision checking:

0.0.36 – Started getting some of the HUD working:

0.0.43 – First version of the particles with the new shield and hull integrity bars:

0.1.12 – Better particles and a background to the level:

0.1.18 – Added camera shake when hit and added a warning indicator to a depleted shield:

That’s it for the progress so far. Hopefully the engine will continue like this and I will be able to show off even more cool stuff soon!

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